Construction Management

We are responsible for tendering to, appointing, overseeing & co-ordinating all trade contractors on site ensuring the project is completed to a high standard, on time and within the agreed budget.

Individual sub-contract packages are competitively tendered (i.e. groundworks, electrics, plumbing, plastering etc.) ensuring that the client benefits by receiving the best quotes offered. Working to a fixed management fee the client knows the full project costs from the outset safe in the knowledge that there are no other hidden costs to add on.

Project Management

We form the vital link between client, design team and Main Contractor (appointed by the client) ensuring that all parties are clear on the Brief (a directive from the client on the main goals for the project) and helping steer everyone in the project team towards the end target.

Empowered by the client to act as their representative we are there to overcome the many problems & issues that inevitably arise during the construction process.

Programme of works

Not only is the cost of a building project important to the client but also the duration. For any project to succeed a programme of works should be agreed from the outset. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to ensure that all trade contractors complete their phase of work within the stipulated times.

Budget planning

Whatever the project the building costs can easily spiral out of control if not properly managed. Using our experience gained from working on a wide variety of building projects we are able to compile a thorough costs assessment for our clients before any work starts on site.

Closely monitoring the costs as they accumulate during the build process ensures the completed project is handed over to the client within the agreed budget.

CDM Coordination (Health & Safety)

Under the new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 the client now has an influence over how their building work is carried out, by deciding which designer & contractor they wish to carry out the work.

Getting the right people for the right job means the designers and contractors need to have the skills, knowledge and experience to identify, reduce and manage health and safety risks on site.

Our understanding of CDM Regulations 2015 means that we can advise our clients to how best approach their project and help establish and maintain a safe working environment throughout the course of the works.

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